Advice For Writers

Every now and again I get emails from authors asking my advice on how to become a successful self-published writer.

Things move very fast in the publishing world - especially these days - so I'm not sure that the way I did things years ago would be the right way to go about building a career now.

Instead of me offering what could be out of date advice, I thought it would be a far better idea to point authors in the direction of the resources I used when starting out as a self-publisher.

These forums and blogs will offer you the most up to date information out there, so click on the links below to be taken to the sites. There's a lot of like-minded people who will be only too happy to offer you advice and support.

The Writer's Cafe is probably the most popular forum on the internet for self-publishing. While it tends to be too heavily centred on just the American market - and can therefore be a bit... well... gushing, it's full of good advice and friendly people.

Another good forum. Not quite as popular as KindleBoards, it still has useful advice for you.

This forum is far more geared towards traditional methods of publishing, but is still a very useful resource.

Excellent blog site featuring stories about the publishing world. Lots of great articles to help you.

JA Konrath is a darling of the self publishing movement in America. He's completely up his own arse, but he still has a lot of useful advice for the self publisher.

The main UK Kindle based forum with a section for self published authors. Not huge and the posts can be a bit thin on the ground, but worth a look for a UK perspective.

Hugh Howey's advice for writers

Hugh Howey knows a thing or to about self-publishing. Go read what advice he has at the link above.

Elle Casey's advice for writers

An absolutely cracking article from New York Times best seller Elle Casey. Read at once!

Nick Spalding's Top Tips For Self Publishing

Okay, so if you really do want to know what advice I would give, then click on the above link to see an article about me by the BBC.

Also, if you want to self publish then go directly here:

Amazon's KDP is really the only self-publishing program worth investing your time in. It's easy to join up, you just need an Amazon account. There's all the information you need to get going in there.


Remember: read all the advice that's out there, but arrive at your own conclusions and opinions. Don't listen to any one person (including me). Get advice from a lot of sources and use it all as you see fit. There's no one magic method of achieving success, but you'll increase your chances by listening to more experienced people, and by understanding the industry as much as possible.

Good luck!



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