Friday, 14 March 2014

Announcing my next book! BUZZING EASTER BUNNIES. Out Saturday March 29th. The sequel to Blue Christmas Balls. £1.59 on Amazon Kindle.

I'm delighted to announce that my next book is a novella called BUZZING EASTER BUNNIES, and is the sequel to my Amazon top 100 hit Blue Christmas Balls!

Here's the cover:

And here's the blurb:

Every story needs a decent climax...

There are plenty of things Christina Barclay would like to do before she hits thirty at Easter. Having an orgasm with somebody else in the room is most definitely one of them.

Up to now, her love life has been sorely lacking in the toe-curling department - but luckily for Christina, she's just started dating Matthew Adrian Bunion, a man whose bedroom inexperience is more than made up for by his never-ending enthusiasm. Mr Bunion will not rest until his new girlfriend is satisfied - no matter what the cost in rechargeable batteries, physical injury or public embarrassment.

From the best-selling author of BLUE CHRISTMAS BALLS and LOVE... FROM BOTH SIDES, this is the story of one woman and one man on an epic quest to come together, and celebrate an Easter birthday in style. 



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£1.59 eBook
£3.99 Paperback