Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Love... Series is released in the U.S.A today on Amazon

'Oh, say can you see,'
'Something something, dawn's early light,'
'Oh so proudly we hail, in the twilight's dum de dum de dah,'
'Whose something stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,'
'Over the rampant rabbit, so gallantly streaming,'
'And the rocket's big flare, big balls bursting in my hair,'
'Came over my night, and my flag was still there,'
'Oh save us Superman and wave our star spangled banner,'
'Over the land of the free and the home of the brave... (and Batman).'

The Love... Series is released in the United States Of America today. Enjoy!

Dating isn’t easy these days. Just ask hapless singletons Jamie Newman and Laura McIntyre, two thirtyish Brits who are trying to remain positive in the face of all of the awkwardness, chaos, and humiliation that pave the road to finding love. Jamie, who’s still licking his wounds after his fiancĂ©e abandoned him, will try just about anything to find the girl of his dreams: from disastrous blind dates to the world’s worst speed-dating event. Laura, who is getting a little nervous with the big 3-0 looming, tries to put her awful-but-sexy ex in her rear view and move on, even if it means blind dates with spandex-clad bikers and drunken first-date hand jobs. When Jamie and Laura finally meet each other, love starts to blossom—but throw in some bad fajitas, obnoxious parents, and exes coming out of the woodwork, and things get complicated fast. A hilarious, relatable romp through the travails of modern love, this book will make you laugh until you cry.

Despite their respective job woes, things are good for Jamie and Laura Newman. After all, they’re madly in love, newly married, and having loads of hot sex; what could go wrong? Plenty. When Laura vomits on prospective employers during an important job interview, she discovers that it’s not the aftereffects of a hangover, but that she—much to her horror—is pregnant. The couple will need to a keep a sense of humor amidst the mood swings, awkward sex, bizarre pregnancy cravings (detergent anyone?), and weight gain that ensue. Add in a terrifying midwife, an overbearing mother-in-law, and the horror of a sober girls’ night out, and it’s a recipe for disaster—not to mention loads of laughs. And that’s before the baby arrives! Now if they can only keep from losing their newborn in the grocery store, they might make it out alive in this laugh-out-loud, raunchy, relatable comedy of everyday life as a new parent.

When Laura Newman is offered a senior position with an up-and-coming Australian chocolate company, she and her husband, Jamie, are in no place to turn it down. After all, Jamie has just left his newspaper job after an epic meltdown, and Laura is slowly dying in her job with a soulless corporate chocolatier. They know they’re in for an adventure when they pack up their daughter, Poppy, and move to Australia’s storied Gold Coast—and between the indecipherable Aussie vernacular, the incessant cheeriness of the locals, and a wide range of terrifying creatures, from spiders to crocodiles to koalas that grunt in the night, they definitely find one. Add in a bouncy blonde Aussie with her sights set on unemployed Jamie, along with the not-strictly-professional interest of Laura’s dashing boss, and the Newmans’ marriage could end up as fried as an Englishman in Surfers Paradise. It’s a rollicking fish-out-of-water tale with Down Under adventures and laughs by the truckload.

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  1. I just completed this trilogy and haven't laughed this hard in a long time! My fiance and dogs think I am completely off my rocker as well as complete strangers in local eateries where I treat myself to lunch on occasion. Yes, I have gotten quite a few strange looks and side-eyes when unbridled guffaws erupt unchecked Maybe it's because I haven't been in the dating/newly married/baby game in quite a few years but the situations in which Jamie and Laura find themselves are both believable and hilarious.

    My only request is that books 4, 5, and 6 are quickly forthcoming because I demand to know what happes with the Newmans. I need to know how Poopy.....errr Poppy grows into her teen years and all the adventures they experience over time. Nick gave us a brief snippet in Love and Sleepless Nights at the end where Poppy is about the age of 13 and her parents gave her a flash drive with copies of their blogs and letters. It sure would be fun to be able to grow up with Poppy and her hilarious parents. Just loved the characters and I'm not ready to give them up yet!

    From across the pond in Virginia Beach, VA, I highly recommend these books. I have been telling all my friends about them and making sure that I don't share them but that they each buy the books themselves. This after being given tips for what to do with Spalding's book once you've finished. I wouldn't want Nick to miss out on any royalties!!

    Well I am off to start Life on a High, I am quite certain it will be just as hilarious and engaging as the other books I've read by Spalding.

    Christin Boyle