Friday, 16 August 2013

Brand new edit of the first Cornerstone book released - FREE at Amazon over the weekend from tomorrow!

With the upcoming release of Wordsmith... The Cornerstone Book 2 on Thursday (PRE ORDER HERE NOW) I've also decided to release a brand new, fresh edition of the first book.

I've done this as I first wrote Max Bloom In... The Cornerstone a good three years ago now, and since that time I think I've become a better writer and better storyteller.

So much so that when I went back to look over the first book as I started writing the sequel, I noticed that it was... well, a bit shonky in some places, and needed looking over again.

Which I've now done... cutting extraneous paragraphs that don't push the story forward and generally tidying the whole narrative up so it flows better. The book is now about four thousand words shorter than it used to be, but really clips along at a much better rate now. It also fits in with the tone and pace of the sequel more than it did before the edit. 

Obviously, if you've already bought Max Bloom In... The Cornerstone then there's no reason to get this new version of it, but if you haven't, you can be sure that you'd be buying the best version of the book there has ever been if you pick it up from now on :)

To celebrate the launch of Wordsmith, I'm going to be offering the new edit of Max Bloom In... The Cornerstone for FREE at Amazon all of this weekend, starting Saturday.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Announcing my new book! Wordsmith... The Cornerstone Book 2. Max Bloom is back on Thursday August 22nd!

I'm very pleased to announce the release of the sequel to Max Bloom In... The Cornerstone. Here are all the details:


From the pages of the past, a new threat to Max Bloom rises in The Chapter Lands...

A year after his life became a lot less boring (and a lot more dangerous, if he's being honest) Max Bloom finds himself the unwanted centre of attention at the spectacular Chapter Lands Wordmeet, a magical competition laid on in his honour - whether he likes it or not. This unfortunately means having to wear an uncomfortable suit and talk politely to other people; two things that Max does not excel at.

Events take a grave turn however, when the Wordmeet is gate-crashed by a man with murder in his heart and revenge on his mind. He kills an innocent boy and threatens Merelie's life before Max manages to intervene.

Who is this interloper? What does he want? Why is he so intent on killing? Only The Cornerstone can provide the answers, and on its pages it reveals a single name... Venhaligan.

So begins the hunt for a murderous ghost from the past with connections to The Cornerstone, and inexplicably to Max's own family.

From the strange and magical Chapter Lands, to the familiar surroundings of Fairfield, Max must pursue this madman across dimensions using The Cornerstone. He must prevent more innocent people getting hurt, as well as uncover the truth about his past before it kills him.

Wordsmith... The Cornerstone Book 2 continues the thrilling story of Max Bloom's adventures in The Chapter Lands - with twists, turns and excitement throughout!



Special Ebook Launch price of just 99p, exclusive to the Amazon Kindle!

Out in paperback at the Amazon store later in the month.

Buy the first book now!