Saturday, 27 July 2013

BIG NEWS! I've signed a publishing deal in the USA with Amazon

Hi folks,

Got some great news to share with you about a new deal I've struck with Amazon to bring my books to an American audience next year.

The three books in the 'Love...' trilogy will be released by Amazon in the USA in both ebook and paperback formats in the New Year.

I'm absolutely delighted to have struck a deal with the company, given that Amazon were responsible for my initial success as a self-published author.

Amazon have a fantastic understanding of how to sell books to readers, as well as a wealth of data to draw from when creating promotion and marketing for the books sold under their publishing umbrella. They also allow the author a great deal of input at all stages of the publishing process, and I'm looking forward to working with them a great deal.

This means I now have a publishing deal in the UK & Commonwealth with Coronet, a deal in the USA with Amazon, and several foreign language deals in place in countries including Germany, Italy and Spain. I have completed my next traditionally published novel (more news on that soon), and I'm also continuing to self publish books as well (the next one released will be the sequel to The Cornerstone), so I have a foot planted in as many areas of the publishing industry as possible.

I'll be releasing more info soon about the Amazon Publishing versions of the Love... books, including release dates, cover designs etc. so do watch this space for more.

Thanks very much,


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Have your say on the redesign of the Love... covers and win a prize!

Hi folks,

Following a few meetings with my publishers Hodder & Stoughton, we've decided to give the Love... books a completely new cover design, ahead of the release in the winter of Love... Under Different Skies in paperback.

We're doing this simply because we didn't feel the existing covers really sold the books well enough. While extremely attractive to look at, they make the books seem like your typical romantic chick lit series - which, if you've read them, you'll know they certainly aren't!

However, instead of just redesigning the covers ourselves, we've decided to get you guys involved in the process. After all, you're the ones that buy the books, so you should get some input into the way they look, don't you think?

We've been working on designs that better reflect the kind of warts-and-all broad comedy contained in the Love... books, and would love to know what you think.

To have your say, please head on over to the Hodder & Stoughton Facebook page and leave your thoughts in the post they've put up for the first proposed cover look, which you can see here:

New Love... From Both Sides cover concept

By participating you'll have the chance to win the entire series in paperback when the third book comes out, all signed by me.