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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Can I ask you a favour? Price-matching at Amazon.

Hi folks,

Got a favour to ask if you have a minute and wouldn't mind helping me out...

The Love... From Both Sides paperback is currently priced £4.89 at Amazon UK. I'd like it to be the same price as it is in store at Tesco - £3.85, so everyone pays the same price for it, if they buy it in a shop or online.

Amazon will probably price-match, but to do this they need to know from customers that the book is priced cheaper at Tesco.

So, if you have an Amazon account and wouldn't mind giving Spalding a helping hand, could you navigate to the Love... From Both Sides paperback page at Amazon UK:


Scroll down to the Product Details section:

Click on 'tell us about a lower price' and fill in the form as below before clicking Submit Feedback.

Thanks very much and have a lovely rest of the weekend, whatever you're doing with it :)


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