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Friday, 1 March 2013

A new cover for Max Bloom In... The Cornerstone.

For the plain and simple reason that the old one doesn't really work as a thumbnail when you look at it online. It's a nice cover, but when it's small it's a bit hard to make out what the hell is going on, and isn't as eye-catching or descriptive as it could be:

Hence the change to the following:

Now, I'm not claiming this new version is wildly original. In fact, the picture of a magic book could be considered something of a cliche. However, when you get right down to it a cover should be as simple, descriptive and eye-catching as possible.

Max Bloom In... The Cornerstone is essentially a book about a magic book, so the cover of the book is now a magic book.

Book. Book. Bookity. Book.

It's also more brightly coloured than the old one, which will hopefully catch the eye of the browsing reader.

I have no idea whether this is a worthwhile experiment or not, but I like to have a change every now and again, so why not do it with a book that's currently not blowing the doors off sales-wise?

Only time will tell if the alteration was a good idea or not...

Nick Spalding: experimenting with self-publishing so you don't have to.

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