Thursday, 7 February 2013

The first few days after a book launch...

Hi folks,

Sorry it's been a wee bit quiet on the Spalding front in the past few days. After all the fun and games of launch day last week I've taken a few days off to chill out and let my nerves return to some semblance of normality.

It turns out launching two books on the same day amounts to quite the recipe for stress - what with driving to every local Tesco and WH Smith to hunt for copies of the paperback*, and relentlessly checking my Amazon rankings on a minute by minute basis. It's a wonder I didn't suffer a prolapse of some kind.

I may have sold a fair few books last year, but that by no means guaranteed that anyone was going to like my latest effort. And launching the first book to the paperback crowd was never going to be a sure fire thing, no matter how many copies I manage to flog on the Kindle.

But happily for my neuroses, bank balance and continued career as a writer, the launches both seem to have gone very well.

Love... Under Different Skies has eleven five star reviews as I speak at Amazon, and is selling well at the various online ebook stores. Love... From Both Sides has done swimmingly in paperback as well. It's got some terrific reviews from The Daily Mail, Closer & New magazines, and various respected book bloggers on the Internet. It also appears to be selling well, though paperback sales are a little harder to track than ebook sales. The various branches of Tesco and WH Smith I've seen it in certainly seem to have shifted a few copies, and Amazon appear to have temporarily sold out... so not too shabby thus far :)

So what's next?

This coming week I fully intend to start the next Spalding book. This one will be a completely new concept. I'm going to give Jamie and Laura a bit of a break... they need it, quite frankly.

You'll be introduced to a brand new couple soon, who have some of their own hurdles to get over. Unlike Jamie and Laura, they've been together for years, and this new book will partly be about what being a good decade into a relationship is like. (Clue: less effort, more calories).

So there you go... six books on release, with another one coming this summer (...with any luck. I haven't experienced writer's block yet, but that doesn't guarantee the bugger isn't lurking upstream somewhere).

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the books that are out (you can pick up Cornerstone for just 77p at the moment) and hope you'll like the new one when it eventually gets done.

All the best,


*Yes, tragically sad, I know. But it's the done thing when you publish your first book, and I'm not one to go against tradition. Besides, it really was quite an emotional moment seeing my book on display in the branch of WH Smith I've been shopping in for decades. I would have rolled a tear, were it not for the slightly strange looking gentleman standing next to me in an ill fitting suit, who was examining a copy of Fifty Shades Freed with what I considered to be an unwholesome degree of concentration.

Here's a picture (of the book, not the weird bloke. If I'd have snapped him I might have ended up in a fight, or worse... with an invite back to his place).

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