Saturday, 12 January 2013

The final and official Love... trilogy book covers

All three covers for the Love... trilogy have now been completed and I think they look rather lovely when put together:

I now have something of a dilemma though...

I'm tempted to get prints done of the covers, frame them, and mount them on the living room wall, in a hideous display of egotism that will annoy everyone who comes round for a coffee. 'Have you seen my book covers?' I will say and casually flap my hand in the general direction of the prints. 'Yes Spalding, we have,' they will reply, 'and you're an utter tosser for slapping them up on the wall like that.'


But this presents a bit of a problem. If I decide to put the covers on the wall, then I'll have nowhere decent to put this:

So, would I rather people consider me an egotistical pillock? Or a sad fucking nerd who thinks a Batman bookshelf is actually a good thing to have pride of place on your wall?

Either way I'm likely to get insulted down the pub - it's just a matter of deciding in what manner...


  1. I think the Batman bookshelf would look great above the Loo. Holy Crap, Batman and all that.

  2. There. Problem solved. Have both!

  3. I think the Batman book shelf is cool too, but I am OVER 40 and an unpublished author who wears a jacket with elbow patches.
    Nice work on the trio of covers. Hang THEM in the loo - self deferential and all that.

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