Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Holding my paperback. Yeah... this is one of those moments.

I received author copies of the Love... From Both Sides paperback hot off the press from my publishers Hodder & Stoughton today.

...and while I've appreciated every second of the success I've had with the ebook version, there's nothing quite like holding a proper book in your hand to give you a real, tangible sense of what you've accomplished. as a writer.

It was quite emotional, I can tell you.

Those three hundred or so pages of pulped wooden loveliness are the culmination of a lot of hard work on the part of the team at Hodder, my agent and yours truly.

It hardly seems possible that it's only been eighteen months since I first sat down at my old laptop and wrote the words: Oh God, her breath smells like the gates of hell have opened... and here I am holding the book in my hand and awkwardly trying to take a picture of it with my iPhone.


Love... From Both Sides will be on sale in all good book shops from Thursday January 31st. 

Even if you've read the original ebook version that I self-published last year, I'd encourage you to go pick up the paperback as it contains extra and extended chapters.

Also, if there's a fly buzzing round your room, you can use it to squash the little bastard.

I'm all for the ebook revolution, but you try exterminating insectoid intruders with your Kindle like that and you're going to wind up with a really expensive grey plastic tea coaster - smeared with fly guts.

I now have the complicated and time consuming process of deciding who to hand some of the copies out to.

I've only just got over the trauma of deciding who to buy Christmas presents for, and now I have to go through the whole thing again with this sodding paperback.

In fact, it's even worse.

I only have a finite number of copies to give out, so I'm bound to end up mortally insulting someone when I don't give them one. I'm going to have to draw up a list and whittle it down to the people I can least afford to annoy.

...and then there's the copy I have to smear in excrement and post through the door of my secondary school English teacher. The one who said he didn't like my writing, the utter bastard.

...and then there's the signed copies I was going to slap up on Ebay to make a few extra quid on the side.

Maybe I should go back to Hodder and ask for another twenty copies.

...actually, there's a car boot on this Sunday, I'd better make it forty.

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