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Friday, 7 December 2012

The new NEW cover for Love... From Both Sides

To show that this book publishing lark is a something of an evolutionary process, here's the new cover design for Love... From Both Sides:

This is the new, new cover design, as opposed to the old new cover design that came out in October to replace the old, old cover design that I threw together all on my own last year.

The reason for the change?

My publishers spoke to the book retailers, and between them they decided on a new cover design that they both felt would look and sell better on the bookshelves.

My suggestion was roundly shouted down unfortunately:

Bloody philistines.

So there you have it. The new cover is up online now for the ebook and it's the one you'll see in the book stores next year.

Love... From Both Sides is released in paperback on Thursday 31st January.

Let me just repeat that date in a large colourful font:


Once more, this time in a delightful shade of purple:


Thanks very much.

I'm now off to prepare my defence for when Stephenie Meyers lawyers come calling.


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