Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Make your Christmas Day complete with a slice of Spalding!


To commemorate this most enjoyable of days, here's a badly Photoshopped picture of me:

Feel free to print it off and terrorise the cat with it while the Queen's speech is on.

I hope you're all having a fun, happy and exciting Christmas, and that you got everything you wanted. I received a Tassimo coffee machine, which has already become the best piece of electronic wizardry in my life, judging by the delicious latte I've just made with it.

I hope, like me, that you're getting to spend the day with the people you love the most. After all, that's what Christmas is really all about isn't it?


Right... that's more than enough of that sentimental rubbish, let's get down to what Christmas is really all about: getting you to buy stuff.

Were you lucky enough to unwrap a lovely new e-reader or tablet this morning? Or did you buy one for somebody very special in your life?

If so, why not exponentially increase its comedy value by buying and downloading one (or more) of my books onto it?

There are currently five to choose from (six if you count a pre-order), so why not pop right over to one of the lovely ebook retailers listed below and pick up something to put a smile on your face over the rest of the holiday season?

Nick's books at Amazon

Nick's books at Hodder & Stoughton

Nick's books at Kobo

Nick's books at iTunes

Nick's books at Nook

If you hear that anyone you know has bought an e-reader, why not recommend them my books too?


Oh God, all this shameless self promotion is making me sick... though it could also be the half tin of Quality Street I've porked since I got up this morning.

I think I've just got chance to remind you that the paperback version of Love... From Both Sides will be released on January 31st, along with the ebook of Love... From Different Skies, before my stomach rolls over again.

I'd better stop this blog post now and go eat a tub of Andrews Liver Salts.

Merry Christmas everybody!!


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  1. Good job, Nick, nobody else has the touch like you do. Happy Christmas!