Sunday, 8 July 2012

250,000 sales at Amazon


I've now sold 250,000 books in total on Amazon.

That's a quarter of a million books. A quarter of a million.

No matter how many times I say it, it still blows me away. Especially when 90% of those sales have been in the last four months since the start of April!

I never imagined I could reach such a huge number of readers over such a short space of time, so it's something I'm extremely proud to have accomplished.

Most of these sales have been  to my fellow Brits at Amazon UK, but I'm picking some sales up at Amazon USA as well know, proving that comedy can cross the Atlantic successfully if you're lucky enough.

This level of total sales puts me in a rare group of authors who have sold that many books (and more) at Amazon... and I'm decidedly proud to be one of them.

The next few weeks promise to be interesting, given that I'm receiving attention from agents and publishers now. Exciting times could be ahead  ...if I play my cards right and don't do anything to embarrass myself*.

As ever, thanks for your continued support. It really does mean a lot to this author. I'm constantly surprised and delighted by all the nice emails, tweets and Facebook messages I receive, all of which I try my level best to respond to (apologies if I haven't answered yours. Some do slip through the cracks unfortunately).

I'll keep you up to date with further Spalding related developments... including news about what I'm writing next.

Best wishes,




*Mind you, if I do end up cocking things up it'll make a nice anecdote for a future book I suppose.


  1. Hi Nick...just one very small Q! How did u do it??? 250k sales from a self-published author. Wow! Read some of your work last night and must agree, you are a really funny guy. Did your novels take off themselves or was there some fab publicity stroke that set them on fire? I am also a (modest)funny guy, trying to write funny romcoms. See my blog here:
    Should you wish to respond, my email is:
    Thanks Nick!
    Derick :-)

  2. Hi Derick. The books pretty much took off by themselves. It was a slow burn. I just tried to write the funniest book I could and people have responded well to it :)

  3. Absolute congratulations. In Olympic terms, that's a gold medal.

    Good on you.