Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Love... And Sleepless Nights on sale SATURDAY!

I'm delighted to announce that my new book Love... And Sleepless Nights will be on sale for the Amazon Kindle this Saturday, May 12th!

The book is the sequel to my best selling romantic comedy Love... From Both Sides, and continues Jamie and Laura's story with the birth of their first child. It's full of the same kind of warts-and-all comedy that's been so popular in the first book. If you enjoyed reading how Jamie and Laura negotiated their way through the perilous world of dating, you'll love how they handle the even more difficult job of having a baby...

I'll post the links to the Amazon page on Saturday once it's been uploaded to the store.

The book will also be available at the Apple iTunes store within the next couple of weeks (Apple are slower than Amazon!). I will post links once the book has been uploaded there as well.

Thanks very much and I'll post again Saturday with all the details.


Sometimes, the hardest part of becoming a parent is keeping a straight face…

Just ask Jamie and Laura Newman, who – thanks to a rather relaxed attitude to contraception – find themselves about to have a baby. It’s obviously a terrifying prospect for a newly married couple, but as long as they stick together they’ll be fine.
They’d better, because the path between conception and those first few baby steps is littered with many obstacles – such as public sickness, rabid insomnia, violent mood swings, complicated sex, and copious amounts of swearing.
Featuring a cast that includes an overbearing mother-in-law, a terrifying mid-wife, and at least one chorus of mating humpbacks, Love… And Sleepless Nights is the hilarious sequel about what happens next.
Falling in love with another person is easy, creating a brand new one with them is where things get complicated.

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