Saturday, 19 May 2012

The humour chart is mine, you may have it when I'm done.

Sorry, I couldn't resist letting my ego out of the box for a second there with the title of this post.

The reason for this uncharacteristic hubris?


Yep, Spalding now sits in the top three positions in the Amazon UK Kindle Humour chart.

Woo... and indeed... hoo.

I don't know if it means anything in the grand scheme of things, but it's certainly a big deal for me. I can't think of any other self-published author in the UK (or even elsewhere) who's managed to do this, and am therefore Captain Proudpants and no mistake.


In slightly more commonplace Spalding news, I managed to nearly expose myself to two passing women this morning.

Our apartment here in Oz is on the ground floor. You'd think that having been here for several weeks I would have learned not to throw open the curtains in only my boxer shorts.

You'd think, but you'd be wrong.

Luckily I was wearing my bestest pair of boxers, so there was no inadvertent genitalia on display. I'm leaving the country soon, so would rather avoid being deported thanks to a mild case of indecent exposure.

You see? Even riding high in the Amazon charts I can still make an arse out of myself, no problem at all.

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