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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bloggers, blogging, blog-rolls, blogosphere, bloggity, bloggity, bloggity.

So I've just spent a constructive hour or so contacting book bloggers in the US about reviewing The Cornerstone, figuring it might be a good way to promote the book and rustle up some interest state-side.

I only finished contacting the ones beginning with 'B'. There's an awful lot of people out there reviewing books, and good on 'em I say. Without word of mouth like that, us authors (unknown and famous) would be nowhere. I'll get round to the rest of the alphabet when my eyes uncross again.

Hopefully a few of them might want to review the book for me, and help push sales up in the US a bit.

If you know anyone with a book blog who might be interested in reviewing The Cornerstone, by all means let me know :)

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