Friday, 29 July 2011

Spalding’s ‘Life…’ books pass 10,000 sales this year

Today, combined sales of Life… With No Breaks and Life… On A High passed the 10,000 sales mark on Amazon for 2011.

Not bad for two comedy autobiographies about a neurotic Englishman with a fear of sponges and a magnetic attraction to extreme embarrassment…

While this figure is tiny compared to the likes of Pratchett, Fry, Bryson (and anyone else you can think of that writes the same kind of stuff I do) I’m still quite proud of myself – and of the two books.

July has been very slow for sales (damn you sunshine), so I’ve been watching the figure creep towards the magic 10,000 mark for the past couple of weeks. It did so at nine this morning. I celebrated with a stale donut and weak cup of machine coffee at work.

I’d like at this point to say thanks to everyone who has picked up a copy of either book over the past seven months. Consider yourselves all on my Christmas card list.

And for those that have left reviews – good or bad – an extra special thank you. The importance of each and every review left can’t be understated, given how many books there are out there vying for the attention of readers.

Here’s to the next 10,000 people reading all about my failed marriage, public defecation, virtual career suicide and temporary impotence.

Hang on a minute. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all…



  1. Superb news, Nick. Congratulations on a well-merited hit. It takes a lot to shift 10K under your own steam. Most impressed.

    But I must admit this comes as no great surprise. I think I was the first to review 'LWNB'. It's one of those very, very rare self-published books that hooked me from the start. And held me in my chair for almost as long as it took you to write it.

    That's 'Reading With No Breaks' ... and it's something your stuff encourages (maybe demands)that few authors can achieve. Readers feel the diving desire to display the stamina the author has. And what a great ride it is! Hoots toots the noo. Neil Marr at BeWite Books

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