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Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Cornerstone is 99p for the summer

Hi everyone,

As Amazon have launched their summer sale with loads of prices slashed on Kindle books, I thought I might follow suit with one of mine.

The Cornerstone is now available for the low, low price of 99p with a 4.9 overall rating at Amazon.

Here's some review sound bites to persuade you to part with your pennies:

"A rip-roaring rollercoaster of a fantasy. 5 stars." - Best selling author Stephen Leather

"A brilliant humorous urban fantasy! 5 stars." - Top 500 Amazon reviewer Shaun Horrigan

"As good as Terry Pratchett! 5 stars." - Amazon customer

"OMG, excellent book. A mix of The Neverending Story and Harry Potter-esque magic. 5 stars." - Amazon customer

"Funny, intriguing and extremely clever. 5 stars." - Amazon customer

Buy it in the UK Buy it in the USA



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