Thursday, 9 June 2011

My 'Life...' books now re-released in new U.S friendly editions!

Best selling Amazon UK humor books now available in revised editions for American readers.

A message from Nick:

I’ve had a lot of excellent feedback from readers over the past few months following the release of Life… With No Breaks and its sequel Life… On A High.

One issue raised by you fine people in the US is that some of the very British phrases and references I use can be a bit confusing, making some of the stories and observations harder to follow.

Therefore, I’ve sat down, worked hard and done a George Lucas-like revision on both books, changing them where necessary so they make more sense to you folk across the pond. The CGI effects alone have cost millions.

So for everyone who puts their garbage in the trash rather than the bin, who takes an elevator, not a lift… and lives in an apartment, not a flat – here are special editions of my books just for you:

Life… With No Breaks: The U.S Edition

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Life… On A High: The U.S Edition

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