Monday, 2 May 2011

Life... On A High by Nick Spalding - Humour

Hi everyone,

I'm really pleased to announce that my new book 'Life… On A High' is out now on Amazon & Smashwords.

I hope you'll take a look and pick up a copy :)

Here's the blurb:

"Nick Spalding is back… and this time he’s airborne!

"By popular demand - and because those counselling sessions won’t pay for themselves - Nick returns in the sequel to Life… With No Breaks, with more anecdotes, stories and asides to delight and amaze.

"This time he’s writing at 40,000 feet…

"After all, what better way is there to kill forty eight hours on a round trip to Australia than holding another conversation with YOU?

"Sit back (don’t worry, we’re in Business Class so the seats are comfortable), put your feet up, and laugh out loud as Nick wends his merry way through a plethora of subjects, including age, hobbies, crime, dating the wrong women and pretending to be a banana (among many other things).

"After you’ve read Life… On A High, you may never look at the other side of the world the same way again!"

Available now at:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


Also still available is the first book in the series 'Life… With No Breaks' at:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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