Friday, 27 May 2011

The Cornerstone by Nick Spalding - Fantasy, Humour

This is my debut novel, everyone. I hope you'll take a look and pick up a copy - Nick

A great book will transport you to another world… literally, if you’re not careful.

On a gloomy Thursday afternoon, Max Bloom enters his local library in a last ditch attempt to stave off an epic case of teenage boredom.

Among the hushed stacks he discovers The Cornerstone - an ancient book tucked away on a dusty, forgotten shelf. Opening the cover, Max is torn from the library into an alternate dimension full of things intent on killing him – thus avoiding boredom with remarkable success.

He meets a beautiful girl called Merelie (brilliant), who tells him he’s the only one that can save both their worlds from the Dwellers - hideous mind sucking creatures from beyond the universe (not so brilliant).

Merelie thinks Max could be a Wordsmith, a sorcerer able to craft magic from the written word itself – one powerful enough to stop the Dwellers and their treacherous human allies.

This all sounds completely unbelievable, of course. The kind of thing you’d read in a fantasy novel… but The Cornerstone doesn’t lie - and the danger is very real.

In a world threatened by monsters, where books are worshipped and magic exists, Max Bloom must make a choice: close The Cornerstone and run home - or trust Merelie, become a Wordsmith, and save two worlds from certain destruction…


A novel from best selling writer Nick Spalding, author of Life… With No Breaks:

“A master story-teller… instinctively knows the right buttons to press.” - Neil Marr, BeWrite Books
“I recommend the entertaining writing...” - Red Adept Reviews
“Sorry, Mr Pratchett, I love you dearly, but Nick Spalding has raised the bar...” - Amazon customer
“Spalding delivers.” - Amazon customer
“I love Nick’s style of writing … very refreshing.” - Amazon customer
“Nick is a real talent.” - Amazon customer

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  1. I'm excited to see this, Nick! Good luck with it and it looks really interesting :D

    YA: Cheat, Liar, Coward
    Adult: Shackled

  2. Sounds great Nick! I wish you much success with it.

  3. I just finished reading The Cornerstone, my second-ever purchase from Amazon's kindle market, and thought I should write something nice about it!
    I very much enjoyed your book. Fast paced and funny, it was a pleasure to read. I hope you decide to re-visit the Chapter Lands some time in the (hopefully near!) future.

  4. Hi Rob,

    Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed the book and I hope your future Kindle store buys are as successful. Hopefully The Cornerstone will do well and lots of people will want to read more about Max and co :) I kind of already have an idea of the shape of another book so we'll see what happens.