Monday, 21 March 2011

Bestselling author calls Life… With No Breaks ‘hilarious’ and me a bastard!

Getting a positive review or endorsement for Life... With No Breaks is always a great boost, but when it comes from the best selling British writer on Amazon UK, it’s even better!

Stephen Leather is a crime and thriller writer whose hard hitting books have taken the Amazon UK charts by storm. There are currently three in the top twenty as I write this. He’s had the kind of impact in the UK that the likes of Joe Konrath and Amanda Hocking are having in the US.

Colour me delighted then when he said this about Life… With No Breaks:

You have to admire any writer who can produce a book as hilarious as this in just over a day. B*st*rd!”

You can buy the book that made a best selling author swear at me here:

Amazon UK £1.75, Amazon US $2.80, Smashwords $2.80

And you can find out more about Stephen Leather’s books here:

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  1. This has got to be the epitome of a shot to the stars. Awesome.