Saturday, 11 December 2010

Get Spalding's Racket on your Kindle ... Subscribe now!

Spalding's Racket is now available on the Kindle for a monthly subscription fee set by Amazon*.

You can get it by visiting either the Amazon US page or the Amazon UK page at the links below.

Thanks very much, and hope you enjoy the new way to access The Racket!

Spalding's Racket at Amazon US

Spalding's Racket at Amazon UK

*Please bear in mind I'm not doing this to grab your cash...If Amazon made it free to have the blog on your Kindle then that'd be great and I'd certainly make it free. Unfortunately, they charge for it - and I have no say in what they charge. I just want to give everyone the option of having Spalding's Racket on their Kindle should they want to read it that way.

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