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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Life...With No Breaks - Second Edition by Nick Spalding - Comedy

Life … With No Breaks - Second Edition by Nick Spalding.

Updated & edited to a professional standard.

Now including killer hedgehogs!!

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About the book:

"I'm Nick Spalding and I thought I'd try to write a book in 24 hours. Turns out that’s impossible, It took me 30. Read about how (and why) I did it … "

Join Nick as he wends his merry way through an odyssey of non-stop writing, covering a variety of subjects in a selection of anecdotes, asides and humorous stories ... dredged up from a brain functioning on caffeine, nicotine and the occasional chocolate biscuit.

After you've read Life...With No Breaks, there's a very good chance you may never look at the world again the same way!

Updated, edited and now including:

Spalding's Glorious Glossary of Great British Terminology
Spine Slaughter - a tale of gruelling hedgehog related terror


"Readers will consider this a scream of a book ... and that's before they know its history – that Nick wrote the whole thing in a single sitting." - Mark Coker, CEO Of Smashwords

"A collection of anecdotes, muses, adventures, misadventures and confessions that reads as satisfyingly as a novel. It's paced, it's organised, it's witty, it's wise, it's from the hip … and it's put together with admirable word-economy by a master story-teller with much to say and only a weekend to say it in." - Neil Marr, Editor in Chief, BeWrite Books

"This book is kind of a ’stream-of-consciousness’ writing …I definitely recommend the entertaining writing style." - Red Adept reviews

"What kept me reading past the first couple of pages? It was the voiceover … From out of nowhere, the ghost of Lenny Bruce (as perhaps portrayed by Woody Allen) was speaking to me, and I, captivated, could not break away." - M. David Blake

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  1. This one's on my list to must-read-and-review. I love this type of story.

  2. I tried to tag your UK version this morning--I didn't see any tags out there yet!! I'm not sure how well the tagging works across the pond!


  3. That's Amazon being slower than a stunned sloth again ... hopefully will sort itself out quickly :)

    And thanks Robert! Hope you enjoy it :)

  4. Read this one, found myself laughing out loud several times. Enjoyable read