Thursday, 12 August 2010

Spine Slaughter by Nick Spalding - Comedy horror short

"Please forgive the self-indulgence for the second time in a week, but I just wanted to let you know that Spine Slaughter is now available as an individual download!"

On a warm summer's day the village of Wincing On Thames is attacked by the most unlikely of monsters.

Hoards of deadly hedgehogs are on the loose and out for blood.

Can hockey-stick wielding teenager Jason, Scab the skinny punk, and their terrified friends survive the onslaught of spiky terror?

Warning: This short story contains gore, profanity and gratuitous nudity … There's a children's tea party at the beginning though, so something for everyone, I think.

Download now for the stunning low price of 99 cents (71p UK) at:

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Or (if you haven’t bought it yet) the story is also included in Life … With No Breaks – Second Edition, for the equally amazing price of $2.99 (£1.96 uk) at:

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“This may not be the best short story you read today, but it will be the most ridiculous!”

Nick Spalding

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Life...With No Breaks - Second Edition by Nick Spalding - Comedy

Life … With No Breaks - Second Edition by Nick Spalding.

Updated & edited to a professional standard.

Now including killer hedgehogs!!

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About the book:

"I'm Nick Spalding and I thought I'd try to write a book in 24 hours. Turns out that’s impossible, It took me 30. Read about how (and why) I did it … "

Join Nick as he wends his merry way through an odyssey of non-stop writing, covering a variety of subjects in a selection of anecdotes, asides and humorous stories ... dredged up from a brain functioning on caffeine, nicotine and the occasional chocolate biscuit.

After you've read Life...With No Breaks, there's a very good chance you may never look at the world again the same way!

Updated, edited and now including:

Spalding's Glorious Glossary of Great British Terminology
Spine Slaughter - a tale of gruelling hedgehog related terror


"Readers will consider this a scream of a book ... and that's before they know its history – that Nick wrote the whole thing in a single sitting." - Mark Coker, CEO Of Smashwords

"A collection of anecdotes, muses, adventures, misadventures and confessions that reads as satisfyingly as a novel. It's paced, it's organised, it's witty, it's wise, it's from the hip … and it's put together with admirable word-economy by a master story-teller with much to say and only a weekend to say it in." - Neil Marr, Editor in Chief, BeWrite Books

"This book is kind of a ’stream-of-consciousness’ writing …I definitely recommend the entertaining writing style." - Red Adept reviews

"What kept me reading past the first couple of pages? It was the voiceover … From out of nowhere, the ghost of Lenny Bruce (as perhaps portrayed by Woody Allen) was speaking to me, and I, captivated, could not break away." - M. David Blake

Available at:

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