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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Welcome to Spalding's Racket!

Hi and welcome to the blog I've set up to help promote indie authors on the internet.

On here I will post blog entries for books submitted to me by my fellow indie authors, giving them a chance to promote their work to everyone who visits the site.

Please help us get as much exposure as possible by linking this site to yours, following on social media like Twitter, subscribing to the blog and promoting it to your friends.

Basically I want this blog to be another tool in maximising the exposure of all the indie authors out there - and if anyone's sees this and wants to rip the idea off and do something similar then go ahead! The more sites we get online promoting independent authors, the better!!

Thanks, I really hope this blog proves useful and that you enjoy your visit :)

If you've got any commenst or suggestions, post on the blog or by all means send me an email.